from big tech to real estate

What happens when a techie helps you buy or sell a home? You get top-notch, concierge-level care and guidance throughout the process. Join the waitlist to be the first to be notified when we’re ready to transact with you on your next Bay Area find.

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Analyze market trends with someone who speaks numbers, code, and human. Find buyers with someone who’s social-media-savvy and suited for the modern day. Wait, so coders can do something other than code?


Negotiate the best offer with someone who has experience raising venture capital funding and working with clients ranging from small startups to Fortune 500s. Your interests always come first in every deal.


Take the mystery out of escrow, closing costs, and offers with clear private coaching from someone who’s explained dense code to babies and produced tons of educational content—every step of the way.

Starting early 2023, buying and selling real estate will be a breeze.

isn't FAANG™ an acronym
for big tech?

Find, analyze, affirm, negotiate, and get™ your next real estate deal. But don’t worry, you aren’t too far from the *other* definition of FAANG here in the Bay Area.